Testosterosa® by PHS is the number one selling natural testosterone enhancing formulation in the US.

“I love this stuff.” Frank Stallone, Los Angeles, CA.

My wife made me stop taking it. “John Crusweki” Ventura, CA.

I won my first final table against the men. “Virgina Cramer” prof. poker player Los Angeles, CA.

Testosterosa® by PHS is a safe, natural solution for helping increase your body’s own abilities to balance testosterone levels and maintain energy, durability, stamina and physical health. Formulated with herbs, nutraceuticals, and potentized homeopathic remedies, Testosterosa is a safe and effective alternative for balancing androgen levels. This multi functional formulation contains adaptogenic herbs, testosterogenic herbs, tonic herbs, healthy nutraceuticals and herbs for prostate health, and energetically stimulative CCPE™ homeopathic remedies. The amazing ingredients, formulation and proprietary extraction techniques make Testosterosa® by PHS absolutely the premier formula for maintaining health and vigor.

Testosterone is a naturally produced androgenic hormone produced in all mammals, reptiles, birds, and other vertebrates. It is secreted primarily in the testicles of males and ovaries of females but also in small amounts by the adrenal gland. In males it increases sexual characteristics such as muscle, bone mass and body hair along with helping in the maturation of sex glands such as the penis, testes and prostate. It prevents osteoporosis and is essential for health and well being. Males produce 7-8 times more than females. It is important for males when younger, in the development of sex organs and secondary sex characteristics. The concentration of testosterone varies with different stages of development from prenatal to elderly adult. It is increased in puberty in men and women and is associated in sexual arousal in both sexes.

Testosterone has many other benefits besides its reputation in the sexual sphere. Besides its reputation for increasing sexual desire in men and women, testosterone is associated with protein synthesis, increased mental and physical energy, stamina, cognition and cardiovascular health. The literature suggests that attention, memory, and spatial ability are key cognitive functions affected by testosterone in humans. Preliminary evidence suggests that low testosterone levels may be a risk factor for cognitive decline and possibly for dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, a key argument in life extension medicine for the use of testosterone in anti-aging therapies.

Testosterone is produced in our own bodies. As males need more, throughout the stages of their life, its production in males is 20 times greater than in females. Testosterone declines with age in males and females. This decrease is not correlated with a specific age but takes place at different times individually.

Decreased or imbalanced testosterone symptoms can be associated with: 

Decreased libido (desire), lack of mental and / or physical energy (fatigue, depression), lack of ability to make decisions (less decisive), cognitive difficulty, loss of muscle mass.

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