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ClearLung 2 oz

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Pacific Health’s Clear Lung formula has provided serious relief from lung congestion and mucuous build up for over 40 years. The original formula for coughing and congestion. The ingredients in Pacific Health’s Clear Lung help to thin mucous, increase expectoration, increase free breathing capacity and soothe the lining of the bronchi and lungs. Very helpful in high mucous conditions.

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ClearLung 2 oz are natural remedy-based treatments that help relieve mucous congestion and promote healing. ClearLung is a herbal blend that thins mucus, improves expectoration, relaxes the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract, and alleviates pain. CCPETM Homeopathic Remedies are included in ClearLung Plus Liquid.

2 reviews for ClearLung 2 oz


    “I am a practicing Chiropractor in Malibu, CA. and this ClearLung Formula is my first recommendation for Cold and Respiratory Symptoms. Patient feed back and my personal experience has been great with fast improvement and shorter length of congestion symptoms. Start with this formula. I have two elementary age children and they have responded safely and quickly for improvement.”


    “I have always been prone to chest colds. I have used this product to build up my lungs and it has been years since I’ve had a chest cold. Also great when I am detoxing . Decided to try it when a close friend, Dana, who had serious pleurisy had great success with this product too. Excellent for anyone who wants to strengthen their lungs. I like the plus version because it has extra antibacterial benefits.”

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