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Holy Basil 1 oz

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Ocimum sanctum, Holy basil, or tulasi is an important emblem in Hindu religious heritage and is revered by Hindus worldwide in the morning and evening. Holy basil is also used as a herbal cure for a variety of diseases. Tulsi is an adaptogen that helps the body to adapt to stress by regulating numerous systems in the body. It is regarded as a kind of “elixir of life” in Ayurveda, and is thought to increase lifespan. The complete spectrum of oleonolic acid, ursolic acid, rosmarinic acid, eugenol, and carvacrol found in PHS pure Organic Holy Basil is regarded to constitute some of the active ingredients in Holy Basil.

1 review for Holy Basil 1 oz


    “This beautiful purple tonic is delicious when mixed with soda water or water and served over ice. Extremely claming and the most potent holy basil I’ve ever Tried. It feels like a treat not medicinal at all.”

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