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UriClear® Plus 2 oz

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1. Aids in the treatment of urinary tract infections.
2. The urinary system is cleansed.
3. Kidney-drainage treatment
4. Detoxification programs benefit from it.

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Uri clear® Plus 2 oz by PHS is a patented herbal preparation that aids in urinary tract cleansing. CCPETM Homeopathic medicines have been added to Uri Clear® Plus 2 oz liquid.

1 review for UriClear® Plus 2 oz


    “Thanks so much to the PHS team. I truly view this company as a blessing! They have addressed so many of my health concerns and I have made significant improvement. I have cancer and need to detox my system. I started using the Liver Clear a few months ago along with some specialty formulas. Within 3 days I began to feel better. How awesome is that!! I currently have a kidney infection and am using the Uriclear plus. It is so wonderful to be getting better and treating things naturally. Thanks to Dr. Brian for developing all of his wonderful formulas. He is also a great educator. I appreciate the orders going out right away. the staff is very efficient. Thanks again for helping me in my quest to regain my health in many different areas.”

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