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Are Bay Leaves Good for You?

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published May 29, 2017. You’ve probably seen cooking shows or read cookbooks that recommended removing the bay leaves you added to your spaghetti sauce or other savory dish. But why put them in if you’re just going to take them out? One enterprising chef said if you really want an answer to that question, throw a couple into a pot of water to simmer for a while, then taste it, and it will emit a fairly heady essence of camphor. Serious Eats continues: “Taste it after five minutes and you’ll probably get a good hit of menthol and eucalyptus (think: Vick’s VapoRub). That’s the chemical eugenol you’re smelling, and it’s the biggest constituent in the bay leaf’s flavor arsenal of more than 50 compounds.”1 But after an hour or so of “steeping” a bay leaf or two in your recipe, the mucus-loosening menthol notes dissipate into something softer and more complex. The suggestion of depth may not be identified at first tasting, but bay leaves lend subtle warmth and piquancy that would leave a dish flat without it. Not to give away some of the mystery of this ancient Mediterranean plant or shrub, but like many of the culinary herbal additions used for thousands of years, antibacterial bay leaves have unique and potent gastrointestinal, respiratory, anti-inflammatory, heart and stress benefits, with anticancer and diabetes preventive qualities thrown in, and more. So why take them out before serving them? In short, if you’ve ever taken a bite of bay leaf, you know its removal becomes necessary immediately, which isn’t always pretty. The texture feels like a dropout from a silk bouquet or a stiff piece of vellum. In short, not pleasant. Bay leaves are kept whole for the simple reason that crumbling them will take that much longer to fish those bits out of your pot of soup than plucking out whole leaves. They’re removed to avoid anyone experiencing the aforementioned unpleasantness, and because of the fact that swallowing the pointy leaves might not feel so good going down. So What Are Some of the ’50 Compounds’ in Bay Leaves? Bay leaves are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and vitamin C, the minerals iron, manganese, copper and calcium, all antioxidants with free radical-scavenging abilities, positively impacting your eyesight, bones and blood. While you certainly wouldn’t use 100 grams of bay leaves in one day, showing the nutrients 100 grams contain gives you a pretty good idea of the high concentration a few leaves might have. Here are the most important nutrients and the percentage 100 grams provides, from Nutrition and You:2 Iron — 537% — helps fight anemia Manganese — 355% — helps support thyroid function Vitamin A — 206% — good for your eyes Vitamin C — 77.5% — “probably the most potent antibacterial and antiviral agent ever discovered”3 Calcium — 83% — supports strong bones and teeth There’s also an impressive 133% of pyroxidine, or vitamin B6, important for being able to make use of the energy the foods you eat provide, for red blood cell production, and proper nerve function. Additionally, high zinc content offers immune support. As you may have surmised, they’re also rich in essential oils. Nature Word lists several of the most prominent, like eugenol, which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, particularly lethal to several types of colon cancer cells. There are quite a few of these essential oils: Cineol, the main bay leaf component, found to slow leukemia cell growth4 Geranyl acetate Neral Myrcene — Anti-inflammatory and analgesic; has mild sedative effects for stress relief Alpha-pinene, opens upper respiratory airways,5 and may reduce tumor size as an anticancer agent6 Linalool, also found in hemp, has mild sedative effects for stress relief Methyl chavicol Limonene works against brain cancer cells Beta-pinene — Inhibits growth of potentially infectious endocartis7 Alpha-terpineol Clinical Studies on How Bay Leaves May Help Your Body Lauroside is another compound that, when extracted from bay leaves, has been shown to inhibit the proliferation of skin cancer cells by bringing on programmed cell death, or apoptosis.8 The study succinctly states, “Induction of apoptosis by (lauroside) in human aggressive melanoma cell lines has a potential high biological value.” You’ve no doubt heard how lethal or at least intensely uncomfortable Escherichia coli (E. coli) can be, as well as Salmonella infection. A study at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University examined both the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of several essential oils for their effectiveness. The oils tested included white wormwood, rose-scented geranium and bay laurel, which was applied to fresh produce against Salmonella and E. coli. While all three essential oils showed antioxidant properties, the most potent activity took place with the bay laurel essential oil.9 One study showed that consuming 1 to 3 grams of bay leaves per day for 30 days “decreases risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and suggests that bay leaves may be beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes,” with a positive effect on lowering blood sugar levels and improving insulin function. The study involved 40 people with Type 2 diabetes; half given bay leaf and the other half a placebo for 30 days. At the end of the study, the placebo group had no improvement, while the herb group showed both decreased heart and diabetes risk factors.10 Another review notes the antifungal properties in bay leaves, published in the Archives of Oral Biology, which demonstrate its effectiveness against Candida: “In the study, the bay laurel disrupted adhesion of Candida to cell walls, therefore reducing its ability to penetrate the membrane, making it a great addition to a Candida diet in order to combat this condition.”11 More Benefits of Bay Leaves Even traditional medicine recommends using bay leaves for digestive issues such as ulcer pain, heartburn, gas and colic, as well as pain from arthritis and other muscle relief. Not just consuming essence of bay leaf is advised, but a

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First Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill Now Available — Should You Use It?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) foolishly approved the dangerous Opill (norgestrel), as an over-the-counter (OTC) daily oral contraceptive, in July 2023.1 The birth control pills — the first available without a prescription in the U.S. — reached retail pharmacies and online stores in March 2024.2 This was a derelict action by the FDA that violates their mandate to protect the public health. The drug’s maker, Perrigo, is touting Opill as a convenient option for people without health insurance or access to medical services. “No prescription, no appointment, no hassle. FDA-approved,” its website states.3 But Opill contains the hormone norgestrel, which is a type of progestin. Norgestrel is effective in preventing ovulation, thickening cervical mucus to hinder sperm movement and altering the uterine lining to prevent implantation of a fertilized egg.4 However, progestin, the synthetic version of progesterone, is not recommended as it does not have the health benefits associated with natural progesterone — and carries significant health risks. What’s Progestin, the Active Ingredient in Opill? Opill is a progestin-only contraceptive pill, often referred to as a “mini-pill.” Unlike combination oral contraceptives that contain both estrogen and progestin, Opill contains only progestin. This single-hormone formulation is often said to cause fewer side effects, but it’s far from a safe option. In 1943, chemist Russell Marker started extracting progesterone from wild Mexican yams. However, progesterone is poorly absorbed when taken orally, so women had to take inconveniently large doses. In 1951, Syntex S.A. (later acquired by Roche) developed norethindrone, the first synthetic progestin (progesterone analogue). A year later, G. D. Searle (now a Pfizer subsidiary), came up with its own synthetic progestin, called norethynodrel. Both norethindrone and norethynodrel are derivatives of testosterone, the primary androgenic hormone. Syntex and Upjohn Pharmaceutical also co-developed medroxyprogesterone acetate, which is still widely used, both in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and contraceptives, including Depo Provera. Ironically, all these progestins initially received FDA approval for gynecological disorders caused by excess estrogen. Synthetic progestins, while having some of the activity of progesterone, do not have the same physiological effects as the endogenous progesterone produced by your body. Progesterone is one of the most beneficial hormones a person could take while the synthetic version, progestin, is one of the most dangerous. Progestin Increases Breast Cancer Risk According to the FDA, “The most common side effects of Opill include irregular bleeding, headaches, dizziness, nausea, increased appetite, abdominal pain, cramps or bloating.” However, it also notes, “Opill should not be used by those who have or have ever had breast cancer. Consumers who have any other form of cancer should ask a doctor before use.”5 This is because hormonal birth control, including progestin-only birth control pills, may increase breast cancer risk. A case-control study and meta-analysis published in PLOS Medicine, assessed breast cancer risk associated with different types of hormonal contraceptives, including those containing progestagen only.6 Progestagen is a broad term that refers to any natural or synthetic substance that has effects similar to those of progesterone, the natural hormone produced in the body. It includes synthetic compounds like progestin. The study found that current or recent use of hormonal contraceptives was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, with researchers stating:7 “Our findings suggest that there is a relative increase of around 20% to 30% in breast cancer risk associated with current or recent use of either combined oral or progestagen-only contraceptives … When our findings for oral contraceptives are combined with results from previous studies (which included women in a wider age range), they suggest that the 15-year absolute excess risk of breast cancer associated with use of oral contraceptives ranges from 8 per 100,000 users (an increase in incidence from 0.084% to 0.093%) for use from age 16 to 20 to about 265 per 100,000 users (from 2.0% to 2.2%) for use from age 35 to 39.” These risks have been known for some time. The Women’s Health Initiative, which began in 1991, found women who used either Premarin, a weak estrogen, alone or in combination with Provera, the synthetic progestin used in birth control shots, had elevated rates of vascular diseases, cognitive decline, cancers and more.8 In my interview with Susan Wadia-Ells, Ph.D., author of “Busting Breast Cancer: Five Simple Steps to Keep Breast Cancer Out of Your Body,” she also described how progestin may initiate breast cancer: “In 2010, there was an incredibly important study that has gotten buried. The lead researcher was Josef Penninger. On that international study team of about 12 people, one is now the CEO and president of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The researchers spent 10 years working with mice in preclinical settings, trying to figure out why women who take progestin-based drugs — be they birth control drugs or menopausal drugs — have anywhere from a 26% to an eightfold increased risk of developing breast cancer. They finally published a study in 2010 that basically explained, in some more detail, but not totally, how the progestin pulls out or activates something called RANKL, which is a protein. The RANKL, apparently — though they don’t say these words — can suffocate the mitochondria in a woman’s breast cell, initiating that first cancer cell. The sad thing is that no researchers in the field of breast cancer prevention ever cite this study. They’re not aware of it for some reason. But, it was published in October of 2010 in Nature magazine,9 which we all know is a very significant, well-known scientific journal.” The Health Benefits of Natural Progesterone Progestin doesn’t have the many beneficial effects of natural progesterone, which is the main endogenous and most direct and potent glucocorticoid receptor antagonist. As such, it’s also a cortisol blocker. Progesterone is also a GABA agonist and an estrogen blocker. Estrogens are one of the primary factors contributing to increasing your cancer risk — along with the plastic burden contributing their xenoestrogens — as both decrease mitochondrial function. Progesterone is the antidote because it is not only anti-estrogen but, as mentioned, inhibits cortisol

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Decades of Research Confirms How Aspartame Harms Your Health

I’ve been sounding the alarm on artificial sweeteners — particularly aspartame — for many years, as I believe it is one of the most pernicious products ever to make its way into our food supply. Many people have been led to believe that swapping sugar for aspartame means they’re doing their health a favor. But on the contrary, this toxic sweetener is one of the worst food additives you can consume. A recently published review1 investigates the long history of aspartame and the dozens of health problems associated with it. I guarantee that after reading the report, you’ll likely toss out all aspartame-containing products from your pantry. Aspartame Has Been Wrecking People’s Health for Decades Touted to be 200 times sweeter than sugar, aspartame is a low-calorie artificial sweetener primarily made up of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. It was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used in foods and beverages in 1981.2 Today, it’s added to almost 6,000 consumer products.3 Many diet beverages, sugar-free gum and candy, condiments such as ketchup and dressings, and even children’s medicines and vitamins contain aspartame. Aspartame’s claim to fame is it provides the same sweet flavor without added calories, hence making it ideal for those looking to shed excess weight. But aspartame’s existence has been rife with controversy, as it appears that the risks outweigh the benefits. A review4 published by the nonprofit organization U.S. Right to Know enumerates multiple independent studies conducted over the past few decades since aspartame’s approval, associating this artificial sweetener with a long list of health problems. According to the featured review: “Dozens of studies have linked the popular artificial sweetener aspartame to serious health problems, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, stroke and dementia, as well as negative effects such as intestinal dysbiosis, mood disorders, headaches and migraines. Evidence also links aspartame to weight gain, increased appetite and obesity-related diseases … This evidence raises questions about the legality of marketing aspartame-containing products, such as Diet Coke, as ‘diet’ drinks or weight-loss products.”5 What Makes Aspartame So Toxic to Your Health? To understand how aspartame wreaks havoc in your body, it’s important to understand its composition. As mentioned, aspartame is primarily composed of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. To provide its sweetness, the phenylalanine has been modified to carry a methyl group. However, this bond, called a methyl ester, is very weak. It easily breaks off and forms methanol. It’s true that methanol naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables, however, in these foods, it’s firmly bonded to pectin, allowing it to be safely passed through your digestive tract. The methanol in aspartame is different — it’s not bonded to anything that can help remove it from your body. Instead, methanol acts like a Trojan horse and is carried into susceptible tissues throughout your body, including your brain and bone marrow. Here, the alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) enzyme converts methanol into formaldehyde — this is what wreaks havoc on sensitive proteins and DNA. What’s more, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen,6 which brings us to one of the most warned-about dangers of aspartame. Since formaldehyde is carcinogenic, then it makes sense that aspartame might be, too. Aspartame Has Been Linked to an Increased Risk of Cancer The U.S. Right to Know article7 highlights several studies linking aspartame to an increased risk of cancer. The most recent one is the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) monograph8 on aspartame, published earlier this year. “As announced in January, IARC found aspartame is possibly carcinogenic. The monograph notes that a minority of the working group supported classifying aspartame as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans,’ based on ‘a combination of limited evidence for cancer in humans and sufficient evidence for cancer in experimental animals, supported by the limited mechanistic evidence …’” U.S. Right to Know reports. A 2022 PLOS study9 also found a link between aspartame and acesulfame-K, another artificial sweetener, and a higher risk of breast and obesity-related cancers. The study authors note, “These findings provide important and novel insights for the ongoing re-evaluation of food additive sweeteners by the European Food Safety Authority and other health agencies globally.” The featured article further lists several more studies that point to aspartame’s carcinogenic potential, such as: A 2006 lifespan rat study10 published in Environmental Health Perspectives notes that aspartame “is a multipotential carcinogenic agent, even at a daily dose of … much less than the current acceptable daily intake.” A 2010 study11 published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine confirms that this artificial sweetener is “a carcinogenic agent in multiple sites in rodents, and that this effect is induced in two species, rats (males and females) and mice (males).” A 2012 Harvard paper12 published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found a positive link between aspartame intake and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma (among males), and leukemia (in both males and females). Early animal studies on aspartame dating to the 1970s have already shown evidence of causing brain tumors, yet no follow-up studies were conducted on this matter.13 What’s more, further attempts to shed light on this potential hazard were either dismissed or swept under the rug. An article published in Vice magazine notes:14 “In 1996, John Olney, a professor of pathology and immunology at Washington University Medical School, claimed to have found epidemiological evidence15 that the introduction of aspartame in the U.S. was connected to an increase in an aggressive form of brain tumor called glioblastomas. But this was criticized for just being a correlation and dismissed by the FDA.” Aspartame Harms Your Brain Aspartame’s unnatural structure causes it to produce amino acids that, instead of being used by your body, harm you. These amino acids attack your cells and even cross your blood-brain barrier, leading to a toxic cellular overstimulation known as excitotoxicity. In addition, aspartic acid can lead to neural damage. While aspartate is used as a neurotransmitter, having too much of it in your brain can kill neurons as it

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Denmark’s $3.7 billion carbon tax plan to cost farmers almost $100 per cow

Denmark is set to launch the world’s first carbon tax on livestock, charging dairy farmers about $96 per cow beginning in 2030 to reduce methane emissions. The move seeks to help the European country meet its climate goals by addressing the largest source of emissions in Denmark, agriculture. The country is a major exporter of pork and dairy products, and these economic incentives help keep emissions high. While farmers are disturbed and fear the financial trouble will hurt their livelihoods, the government plans to spend billions in environmental projects. Protests are expected as tensions increase between agricultural interests and climate initiatives. A normal Danish cow produces six metric tons (6.6 U.S. tons) of carbon emissions each year. As reported by Statistic Denmark, there were as of June 30, 2022, 1,484,377 cows in the Scandinavian country, a small decline in comparison to the past year. A tax is also expected to be introduced for pigs. Normal Danish cow produces six metric tons of CO2 equivalent yearly Denmark’s coalition government decided to enforce the first carbon emissions tax on farmers worldwide and it will require new cattle taxes starting in 2030. Denmark’s 179-seat Folketing, or parliament, is expected to pass the bill easily, as it has received widespread consensus even among the opposition. (Related: Denmark to tax livestock farts and burps starting in 2030.) The proposal also comes with a pledge to invest 40 billion kroner ($5.8 billion) in initiatives such as reforestation and the establishment of wetlands. Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity’s knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Use our decentralized, blockchain-based, uncensorable free speech platform at Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions. “With today’s agreement, we are investing billions in the biggest transformation of the Danish landscape in recent times,” Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said. “At the same time, we will be the first country in the world with a [carbon] tax on agriculture.” Most of the Danish dairy industry welcomed the agreement and its goals but some farmers are worried about it. The action was taken only several months after farmers organized protests throughout Europe, using tractors to block highways and throwing eggs at the European Parliament in answer to a list of grievances in addition to environmental laws and excessive red tape. The tax, which is expected to be adopted later this year, will begin in 2030 and rise to 750 kroner ($110) in 2035 per tonne (1.1 ton) of carbon-equivalent emissions from cattle. Farmers will basically be charged 120 kroner ($17.5) per tonne of animal emissions yearly beginning in 2030. And with the tax credit of 60 percent being applied this will rise to 300 kroner ($44) in 2035. The Baeredygtigt Landbrug organization of Danish farmers alleged that the actions were equal to a “scary experiment.” “We believe that the agreement is pure bureaucracy. We recognize that there is a climate problem… But we do not believe that this agreement will solve the problems because it will put a spoke in the wheel of agriculture’s green investments,” chairman Peter Kiær said in a statement. Peder Tuborgh, the CEO of Arla Foods, the biggest dairy company in Europe, called the agreement “positive,” but he stressed that farmers who “genuinely do everything they can to reduce emissions” shouldn’t have to pay a tax. “It is essential that the tax base for a [carbon] tax is solely based on emissions for which there are means to eliminate [them],” Tuborgh added. Kristian Hundeboll, the CEO of DLG Group, a cooperative owned by 25,000 Danish farmers and one of the biggest agricultural companies in Europe, said that the tax’s “anchoring” in EU law was “crucial for competitiveness.” “Neither the climate, agriculture nor the ancillary industries benefit from Denmark acting unilaterally,” Hundeboll stated. Follow for more news about the carbon tax on livestock. Watch the video below about JD Rucker’s commentary regarding farmers from Denmark soon paying taxes based on how much their livestock farts. This video is from the MyPodcastDropped2320 channel on More related stories: Denmark to introduce world’s first CARBON TAX on livestock as globalists target food supply chain to engineer famine. World’s largest carbon tax scheme just imposed by EU; more inflation and less trade to follow. CLIMATE INSANITY: UK cows to be given methane suppressants in bizarre effort to achieve lower emissions. Sources include:

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House Speaker Johnson opens probe into Trump assassination attempt and Secret Service lapses

House Speaker Johnson opens probe into Trump assassination attempt and Secret Service lapses House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has opened an investigation of the failed assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, alongside the Secret Service’s lapses. The congressman shared this development on July 17 during an interview with the Daily Signal. He had reportedly talked with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). However, Johnson specified that he has not spoken with FBI Director Christopher Wray directly. “The answers that they are providing to us thus far are not satisfactory,” said Johnson. “So I announced … that we are [going to] set up a special task force, a precision strike on this. It will be a bipartisan investigatory group and they will have subpoena authority. We’re going to get down to the bottom of this quickly.” According to the speaker, the investigation by the FBI – which is under the Department of Justice – focuses on the shooter, 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks. But he emphasized that it is the Secret Service itself, under the masthead of the Department of Homeland Security, that is in charge of the overall security protocol. “Mayorkas has now taken the reins of that. We are hearing … that he is going to instruct [Secret Service] Director [Kimberly] Cheatle not to appear on Capitol Hill to answer the first round of questions. I hope that is not true,” Johnson remarked. “Our [House] Oversight and our [House] Homeland Security committees appropriately acted quickly and issued notices for those hearings that would begin [on July 22]. But so far, they look to be unresponsive for that.” Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity’s knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Use our decentralized, blockchain-based, uncensorable free speech platform at Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions. The speaker also called for the resignation of Cheatle, noting: “What happened there does not require a thorough investigation. We can all see just by what we’ve observed that there were serious security lapses. And her initial explanation that the roof was too slanted to provide security there, it just doesn’t wash.” Secret Service repeatedly denied Trump’s requests for added protection “Critics across the board have described the security breach at Trump’s Pennsylvania campaign rally as a ‘catastrophic failure’ of the Secret Service,” according to LifeSiteNews. “Counter-snipers fatally shot the gunman … after one of his shots grazed the former president’s right ear.” (Related: Trump shot, survives ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT in Pennsylvania; shooter, one rally attendee killed, others wounded.) But a GOP colleague of the House speaker has alleged that Mayorkas denied stronger Secret Service protection for the former president multiple times. Florida Rep. Mike Waltz, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, made this claim hours after the failed assassination attempt on Trump. “I have very reliable sources telling me there have been repeated requests for stronger Secret Service protection for [former] President Trump,” Waltz posted on X, adding that all those requests were “denied by Secretary Mayorkas.” One of the sources cited by Waltz said the House Homeland Security Committee “has seen these reports as well and [is] going to be conducting thorough oversight into what happened both leading up to and in the immediate aftermath of the attempted assassination of [former] President Trump. Obviously, such reports are deeply troubling and demand investigation.” The Biden administration only made improvements to Trump’s security protection two days after the failed assassination attempt on him. POLITICO reported on July 15 that “adjustments” had been made to Trump’s security protection, according to Mayorkas. The secretary also added that the same adjustments applied to incumbent President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. U.S. Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) will also get “the appropriate level of security,” Mayorkas added. Even independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose family has a history of being targeted for assassinations, will now receive Secret Service protection. Head over to for more stories about the assassination attempt on the former president. Watch House Speaker Mike Johnson urging Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle to step down following the Trump assassination attempt. This video is from the NewsClips channel on More related stories: 10 Burning questions that every American should be asking about the Trump shooting. Snipers INSIDE building used by failed Trump assassin did NOTHING to stop the attack, says local cop. Trump shooter spotted with a RANGEFINDER ahead of assassination attempt – but no one stopped him. Trump shot in the ear, survives assassination attempt as questions emerge about Secret Service and local police. Sources include:

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Houthi drone boats strike oil tankers in the Red Sea

Footage has emerged showing a Houthi suicide drone striking an oil tanker approximately 100 nautical miles northwest of Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah. The drone hit the tanker on its port side, raising concerns about a potential oil spill. This incident underscores the challenges facing the United States-led Operation Prosperity Guardian, aimed at protecting southern Israel by curbing the Houthis’ activities in the Red Sea. President Joe Biden previously acknowledged that U.S. strikes in Yemen were not stopping Houthi attacks on global shipping but vowed to continue them nonetheless. The footage of the attack was released by the Houthis, who have been targeting commercial ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden since November. They claim these attacks are in solidarity with Palestinians amid the conflict in Gaza.  (Related: Yemen’s Houthis attack bulk carrier in Red Sea with suicide drone boat – first time in this conflict.) The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) confirmed that two vessels were attacked in the Red Sea off Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah. One ship sustained damage and light smoke after being hit on its port side by an uncrewed drone boat 97 nautical miles northwest of Hodeidah. Another merchant vessel, 70 nautical miles southwest of Hodeidah, was attacked by three small watercraft, according to UKMTO. The master of the second craft reported that one of the vessels was unmanned and intentionally collided with the ship twice, while passengers on the other two boats fired on the vessel. The ship conducted “self-protection measures,” and after 15 minutes, the small craft aborted the attack. Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity’s knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Use our decentralized, blockchain-based, uncensorable free speech platform at Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions. Ameen Hayyan, director of the Yemeni Armed Forces’ spokesperson’s office, said the vessels were attacked because the companies owning them violated the Houthis’ decision to ban entry into the “ports of occupied Palestine.” The oil tanker is owned by the Marshall Islands, flagged by Liberia and operated by Greece. It was carrying crude oil to Israel. The other ship, the MT Bentley I, is an Israel-owned, Panama-flagged and Monaco-operated tanker vessel. No damages were reported to the latter vessel. Houthi attacks against Israel-linked shipping increasing The increased frequency and effectiveness of Houthi attacks have raised concerns about the safety of maritime routes in the region. The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden are critical waterways for global trade, connecting Europe with the Middle East and Asia. The disruption caused by these attacks not only threatens the safety of commercial shipping but also has broader implications for global trade and energy security. Despite international efforts to curb Houthi activities, the group has continued to expand its reach. The persistence of these attacks highlights the limitations of current countermeasures and underscores the need for a coordinated international response to ensure the security of vital maritime routes. The ongoing conflict and instability in Yemen continue to pose significant challenges for regional and global security, with the Houthis’ actions serving as a stark reminder of the volatility in the region. Despite Biden’s campaign against them, the Houthis have expanded their attacks to include targets in the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean. In May, the Houthis even managed to capture a $30 million U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone, further complicating the situation for the U.S. in the region. Since November, the Houthis have launched dozens of attacks, sinking two vessels, seizing another, and killing at least three sailors. These attacks have significantly disrupted global trade, forcing ship owners to avoid the Suez Canal trade shortcut. The Houthis have become increasingly effective at damaging ships, primarily through the use of unmanned, armed watercraft that target a vessel’s vulnerable waterline. Watch the footage showing how USV has targeted the “CHIOS Lion” oil ship in the Red Sea. This video is from Cynthia’s Pursuit of Truth channel on More related stories: Yemen’s Houthis claim to have used a domestically made HYPERSONIC MISSILE against an Israeli ship. Yemeni military reiterates warning to Israeli-linked ships not to pass through the Red Sea after claiming to have sunk 2 ships that violated the blockade. Houthis claim missile attack on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in Red Sea; DoD says attack never happened. Houthi blockades prompt Israeli port of Eilat to lay off half its workers. Houthi rebels attack two U.S. destroyers in the Red Sea with devastating drone strike. Sources include:

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Wife of Max Boot, the leading “Trump Russia Hoax” propagandist, INDICTED and accused of serving as a foreign spy

Wife of Max Boot, the leading “Trump Russia Hoax” propagandist, INDICTED and accused of serving as a foreign spy The guy who laundered conspiracy theories through The Washington Post about Donald Trump conspiring with Russia to steal the 2016 election is married to a South Korean spy who used to work for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), we have learned. “Forever wars” fanatic Max Boot’s wife Sue Mi Terry, 54, is a native of Seoul currently living in Manhattan who is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), though she is currently on “administrative leave,” a new indictment shows. Boot, by the way, is The Washington Post‘s “Columnist covering national security.” Terry reportedly abused her position as a foreign policy expert to trade access to top U.S. officials in exchange for “high-end sushi dinners” and luxury goods, the indictment reveals. We now know that five years after she left the CIA in 2008 and three years before her husband Boot started accusing Trump of being a Russian asset, Terry started spying for South Korea. Max Boot, spy hunter. — Chad West (@Chad_WestReal) July 17, 2024 Max Boot, one of the chief purveyors of the “Russian asset” narrative, is married to an unregistered foreign agent? And she has been indicted for selling access, accepting bribes, sharing non-public info with South Korean officials, etc.? That … you couldn’t write that. — T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) July 17, 2024 (Related: It was actually Barack Obama’s CIA that recruited foreign “allies” to spy on Trump and come up with the Russian collusion hoax.) Those who accused Trump of leaking “sensitive information” to foreign nations have been doing it themselves Ironically enough, one of the major crimes Terry is accused of involves her alleged disclosure of “sensitive U.S. government information to South Korean intelligence.” The accusation is that Terry “used her position to influence U.S. policy in favor of South Korea” over the course of about 10 years. In exchange for being South Korea’s errand boy, Terry was awarded with “money and luxury gifts,” according to FBI Acting Assistant Director in Charge Christie M. Curtis. Between the years of 2001 and 2011, Terry made the rounds working in various high-level U.S. government positions. At one point she was a CIA analyst. She also worked as director of Korea, Japan, and Oceanic Affairs for the White House National Security Council. Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity’s knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Speak freely without censorship at the new decentralized, blockchain-power Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions. For her loyal devotion to South Korea, a fellow spy reportedly bought Terry a Dolce & Gabbana coat from a store in Chevy Chase, Md., in November 2019 right before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.” Terry reportedly exchanged the coat a few days later for a $4,100 coat from Christian Dior. Terry and her fellow spies also funneled more than $37,000 to a public policy program on Korean affairs run by Terry, who by the way was never even registered as a foreign agent with the Department of Justice (DOJ). One wonders how she was so easily able to become a U.S. government official wearing many different hats. In a voluntary interview with the feds, Terry was “visibly nervous,” the indictment says. She later admitted that she had to consult her South Korean handler, this after having claimed in the interview that she did not even know his name. After posting a $500,000 bond during her initial appearance in Manhattan federal court this week, Terry was released. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison. Max Boot co-wrote and WaPo published a column on US Korea relations with his wife who is also a Korean spy. — Jarvis (@jarvis_best) July 17, 2024 Interestingly, Boot also has close ties to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), who is also accused of having relations with a spy, that one from communist China. Things are looking really good for Trump winning another presidential term this fall – what do you think? Find out more at Sources for this article include:

Wife of Max Boot, the leading “Trump Russia Hoax” propagandist, INDICTED and accused of serving as a foreign spy Read More »

FLASHBACK: In 2016 and beyond, deep state called for Trump to be impeached, imprisoned and KILLED

FLASHBACK: In 2016 and beyond, deep state called for Trump to be impeached, imprisoned and KILLED From the moment he came down the escalator in Trump Tower as part of his iconic debut into politics, Donald Trump has been under attack by the establishment. A wild card that apparently nobody in politics or media was expecting, Trump has shaken up the deep state’s plans so much that the corporate media has never been able to contain its hatred for him. The video below from Alex Jones features a montage of media segments starting in 2016 that depict the sheer level of hatred the establishment has for Trump as it continues to pursue ways to remove him from the equation. “If he takes the risk of going to trial and he’s convicted, that could be seen as an impeachable offense,” said George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America in November 2016. “I don’t see how that wouldn’t be an impeachable offense,” said another pundit from CNN in February 2017. “That tweet fits the Republican definition of an impeachable offense,” reported an MSNBC pundit in March 2017. Historic Video! Deep State Calls For Trump To Be Impeached, Imprisoned, & Killed. — Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) July 17, 2024 (Related: The U.S. intelligence community is now claiming that Iran will try to assassinate Trump – how convenient for the military-industrial complex, which hates Iran.) Deep state wants imprisonment or death for Trump The early days of Trump’s presidency heard lots and lots of this kind of chatter about impeachment over tweets and alleged connections to Russia, but unfortunately for the deep state none of it stuck. As such, the media shifted to a narrative of trying to imprison Trump. Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity’s knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Speak freely without censorship at the new decentralized, blockchain-power Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions. In July 2019 as the end of Trump’s first term was fast approaching along with another presidential election in 2020, the narrative shifted to Trump allegedly committing “high crimes and misdemeanors.” “You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) around that time about the shift from trying to impeach Trump to trying to imprison Trump. “The government’s going to kill this guy,” the media suddenly started saying in reference to Trump and his resistance against the deep state’s growing assault on his character. “I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed,” tweeted Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Oct. 1, 2019. “Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative.” “With so many people knowing about this, it’s interesting – and I’m kind of proud to say this – that it took a member of the intelligence community to step up and bring it forward,” commented former CIA deputy director John McLaughlin about the charges that were dredged up against Trump. On and on the witch hunt goes as the desperate deep state panics that none of its earlier tactics against Trump worked. Their last resort is to try to kill him in order to stop Trump from serving a second presidential term and implementing his America First policies. The “Winter_Rewind” (@WinterRewind) X account posted the following video which opens with Tucker Carlson talking about how the deep state assault on Trump went from criticisms and protests to impeachment and indictment, followed by what we all have now seen to be an attempt on Trump’s life: Never ever forget how close we came to losing it all. One inch. That’s how close they came to taking it all away from us. Remember it for the rest of your lives. And fight, because we’ve been given a second life. If you liked this content, pls consider following. It would be a… — Winter_Rewind (@WinterRewind) July 17, 2024 The latest news about the 2024 election can be found at Sources for this article include:

FLASHBACK: In 2016 and beyond, deep state called for Trump to be impeached, imprisoned and KILLED Read More »

Nearly every FBI and CIA staged catastrophe has ONE THING in common – there’s never any recorded SECURITY FOOTAGE showing the murderer(s) preparing

Nearly every FBI and CIA staged catastrophe has ONE THING in common – there’s never any recorded SECURITY FOOTAGE showing the murderer(s) preparing Just like with 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Batman Theatre shooting, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Park School shooting and now the Trump assassination attempt, somehow the security footage, that should be available to the public and press for proof of what happened, is either “disabled” or destroyed by the insidious Deep State. Surprise, surprise. Ask yourself and everyone you know, why is there ZERO SECURITY FOOTAGE ANYWHERE that would have recorded this liberal stooge and patsy walking around with his 10-foot ladder and long gun bag? Just like every other planned and staged fed event, there is magically (convenient for the Deep State) no security footage that captured the murderer walking around the rally campus, at all. Nobody talks about it. Nobody brings up the subject. No one will ever see one single second of this guy prepping for murder. Why? Then the excuses come for the mishap. The official story never adds up. Not even close. This aftermath cover-up of this assassination attempt of the real President was so poorly planned (must not have been planned at all), that even the Secret Service Director herself, Kimberly Cheatle, sounds like an invalid trying to explain away how she was paid off to look the other way. According to SS Director Cheatle, there’s a simple explanation for ALL OF THIS and the secret service director has been clear: these top-of-the-food-chain snipers have not had slanted roof training yet. They are very scared of slanted surfaces and have never shot off anything but flat ground. What lousy excuse is next? Has the secret service been asking roofers who have good aim to come train the FBI and SWAT teams? We are building the infrastructure of human freedom and empowering people to be informed, healthy and aware. Explore our decentralized, peer-to-peer, uncensorable free speech platform here. Learn about our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Every purchase at helps fund our efforts to build and share more tools for empowering humanity with knowledge and abundance. Maybe some skilled roofers can help train the Deep State’s secret service snipers and teach them the amazing skill of how to stand on something slanted at 10 degrees, or even at a highly dangerous 15 degrees, because, if they were to slip and fall, they could break an arm or even worse, a leg. Forget about protecting the only guy that can save the entire nation from communist takeover by the slugs in DC now, who are all sitting in private rooms wondering how the hell they screwed this whole thing up. Trump is a billionaire, so why doesn’t he hire his own secret service protection from private, trustworthy contractors, instead of using deep state DEI-run sellouts? First off, Trump should have seen this coming a mile away. The swamp monsters tried their best to destroy him from day one. They tried to impeach him twice. They’ve tried him for treason, fraud, tax evasion, harboring classified documents, bad book-keeping, and now they tried to shoot him in the head at a rally. Why does Trump continue to try to use Deep State swamp employees to do his bidding? Trump is a multi-billionaire, so you would think he would vet out his own secret service protection and just pay them himself, instead of whining that the communists in DC won’t fund his protection, as they send them all to protect Resident Biden’s main handler, his wife. So again, even though the Pennsylvania Trump rally was at the Butler Farm Show grounds, any President or former President would have security camera set up and recording 24/7 before, during and after a major event. Simple common sense and protocol. So where is that footage? Why isn’t one single American patriot asking about it? Let’s see this patsy walking around with the ladder, and who talks to him, who helps him? Top it all off with the Butler County Sheriffs’ office now confirming that NOT EVEN ONE single officer that had duty at the rally was wearing a chest camera, and none of the officers who took pictures of the shooter shot a video, not before or during. How convenient. Maybe the secret service inside the building that Crooks stood upon let him go up to the roof from inside the building, through some maintenance hatch or something. Maybe that’s WHY the FBI will not let anyone, including press, on those grounds now, and maybe that is why there is no security footage being released to the press. Think about that for a few minutes. Of course, right after the shooting, the O’Biden Regime hopped on the press network to demand all Americans immediately turn in all their automatic weapons (assault rifles) so when/if the communists can steal the election in November again, they won’t have to fight off so many patriots (that they are terrified of, and with merit). Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about the Deep State planning to steal another election for the communists in DC. Sources for this article include:  

Nearly every FBI and CIA staged catastrophe has ONE THING in common – there’s never any recorded SECURITY FOOTAGE showing the murderer(s) preparing Read More »

The Importance of Exercise and Biological Youth for Longevity

I recently spoke with Siim Land, author of the new book “The Longevity Leap,” discussing key factors for optimizing health and lifespan. Maintaining “biological youth” is the single most important factor for longevity, but the question is how to achieve this as you get older. Land’s book is 500 pages, with 8,000 references, so it’s a good resource to take a deep dive into the strategies that will help keep you biologically young. He’s a leader in the longevity field and walks the walk — he implements the programs he talks about and is a stellar example of taking good care of your biology. Chronologically, Land, who lives in Estonia, is 29, but he claims the biological ages of his organs are much lower — 17 years overall, with a 9-year-old liver. These estimates are based on relatively new epigenetic and biological age tests, which are intriguing, but we don’t yet know if the results translate to longer lifespans. I personally do not put much trust in them and believe they are flawed. Land explains:1 “What does it mean if you have a liver of a 9-year-old? Does it mean that you’re going to live exponentially longer than someone else? We don’t have that data yet … I wouldn’t put a lot of emphasis on the tests themselves, much rather I would look at the traditional biomarkers, like glucose, inflammation … and those other things.” Historically, many mistakes have been made in longevity research, particularly the focus on extreme calorie, carbohydrate and protein restriction:2 “The practical outcome would be that you’re eating very small amounts of food and you are becoming very frail and skinny. But in the actual world, we’re starting to see right now that frailty is a huge risk factor for early death and mortality. And malnutrition itself also increases the risk of a lot of different diseases, all-cause mortality and neurodegeneration and heart disease events. Right now, I think the field has started to appreciate a lot more of these tangible, practical, functional outcomes, like muscle strength and body composition … other biomarkers that move more from the theoretical side of biological aging.” Optimal Protein and Carbohydrate Intake for Longevity Land and I agree that most adults need about 0.8 grams of protein per pound of ideal body weight (the weight you would ideally be, not necessarily the weight you are now), or for Europeans, approximately 1.76 grams of protein per kilogram, for appropriate muscle maintenance and growth. “If you eat too much, then that could be problematic from the perspective of kidney health and homocysteine levels. If you’re eating too little, then that’s the risk of the sarcopenia and frailty,” Land notes. Regarding carbohydrates, we’re also in agreement that low-carb diets are not typically optimal for longevity. Land cites research showing that moderate carbohydrate intake is associated with the lowest mortality risk. “With carbohydrates as well, it’s very commonly thought that eating too many carbs is going to be bad for your health. At least in observational studies, it’s the opposite — 40% to 55% of calories as carbohydrates is linked to the lowest risk, usually,” he says.3 Land argues that while low-carb diets can be beneficial in the short-term for certain individuals, long-term carbohydrate restriction may impair metabolic flexibility:4 “In the short-term, someone might have pre-diabetes or insulin resistance, then in the short-term, it makes sense for them to maybe control the carbohydrate intake slightly to regain some of that insulin sensitivity. But chronic ketosis, chronic low-carb does impair long-term insulin sensitivity as well.” Indeed, adequate carbohydrate intake is crucial for optimal mitochondrial function and overall health. It’s the optimal fuel for your mitochondria, but most people don’t consume enough healthy carbohydrates. If you’re metabolically healthy, most adults need 200 to 250 grams of carbohydrates daily as a minimum, while active individuals need closer to 400 grams. Chronically restricting carbohydrates can lead to increased stress hormone production and muscle breakdown. Many people experience initial health improvements on low-carb diets, but these benefits are typically not sustainable long-term. The short-term benefits occur because you’re no longer feeding harmful bacteria in your gut, which decreases the production of endotoxins that can damage your overall health. In the long term, however, if you don’t consume enough healthy carbohydrates, your mitochondrial health will suffer. While low-carb diets temporarily alleviate symptoms by starving harmful bacteria, they don’t resolve the underlying mitochondrial and gut health issues. A more sustainable approach involves addressing the root causes: improving mitochondrial function, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, including seed oils, endocrine-disrupting chemicals in plastics and electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and supporting a healthy gut microbiome balance. The Most Powerful Intervention to Maintain Biological Youth When asked how to maintain biological youth, Land states that exercise is likely the most powerful intervention:5 “Probably the single most powerful thing for biological aging is moderate exercise. Just maintaining physical activity, it just targets all the hallmarks of aging in a positive way. It improves all the organ function and it also improves the risk of all these chronic diseases as well. It targets everything that you need to do when it comes to slowing down biological aging.” As highlighted in Dr. James O’Keefe’s landmark study,6 too much vigorous exercise can be detrimental, so finding the right balance is key. Land suggests that for vigorous exercise like resistance training, the sweet spot appears to be around 140 to 200 minutes per week. Land has adjusted his own routine based on this data. “I’m doing about 180, maybe 150 to 180 minutes, of resistance training, and I’m training three times a week … cycling between upper body, lower body or push-pull leg split,” he says.7 I’ve also reduced my resistance training to three days per week based on potential risks of excessive training, but most people need to exercise more, not less. Moderate-intensity exercise like walking is an ideal form of physical activity, as it’s very hard to overdo it. The Importance of Protein Quality and Collagen It’s not

The Importance of Exercise and Biological Youth for Longevity Read More »

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